Divine | Pastor Tim English @ Bronx Christian Fellowship

Divine | Pastor Tim English @ Bronx Christian Fellowship

9 February 2022

Call on the name of the Lord and the Lord will answer

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Divine – The Light of his Glory and Grace.

  • The word of the Lord stands forever.

  • The Divine is telling us that there is some stuff that will never be able to break through, that there are some things that will never conquer, some victory that will never step into, some dimensions and places that we will never go into.

  • We don’t need the hand of another person, we don’t need anybody else’s ideas, we need divine intervention.

  • We need God himself to step in and turn the situation around.

The Discipline of Fasting.

  • There are some things that God wants to give us a strategy as we focus these 40 days in self-denial.

  • Take the advice that Jesus gave and hear what God himself is saying.

  • Whatever the thing is that you can’t seem to get a breakthrough, target your fast.

  • When you are willing to deny yourself then your light will break forth like dawn and your healing will quickly appear, so after you’ve sacrificed your life is gonna break forth.

  • What God is trying to say to us is he’s trying to let us know that there is a solution and that is divine intervention. Also for the stuff that we can’t do nothing about that it only takes God.

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