Expecting Part 3 | Pastor Tim English

Expecting Part 3 | Pastor Tim English

14 October 2022

He only puts on us what we are prepared for.

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If you lift Him, he’ll lift you.

  • When you touch him, he’ll touch you.

  • The story of Paul and Silas talked about how impactful and powerful praise really is. You can feel bound up and tied down in shackles but with praise, you can start feeling a loosening until you no longer feel the grip.

  • If you spend an hour of your day worrying over your problems, at the end of the day, it’s not worth it because it does not add value to your life.

  • We have to be intentional about our praise. Every time your worry keeps you up at night, just praise. Start believing God’s word and start praising.

  • The power of praise is real. It recognizes where you are and you can use it as a platform to launch you into where God desires to take you.

Things may seem dim but praise brings things to light.

  • We’ve been talking, breathing, and living in anticipation of what God promised he’s going to do. God will do what He says He’ll do.

  • So many of us do not fully expect God to do what we ask Him to do. This is why we are shocked when it happens and we are not fully prepared for it.

  • There is so much that He has for us and that He’s waiting for us to prepare for it.

  • He’s a good God that He won’t put on us more than what we can bear.

  • God is interested in watching us grow to become all He wants us to be.

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