Expecting Part 2 | Pastor Tim English

Expecting Part 2 | Pastor Tim English

14 October 2022

Our lack of preparation is equivalent to our lack of belief in God and His capabilities.

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We shouldn’t ask God for things that we are not prepared for.

  • We ask God to do certain things for us but we never really expect him to do such things. As such, the indication is that we are surprised when He actually delivers. It also means that we fail to prepare.

  • God’s word is infallible and there are no mistakes. These words are spirit and life.

  • Have you ever been to a storm and men’s words bring no comfort but there’s something about God’s word that gave you confidence?

  • One reason why we don’t believe or expect from God’s word is that when we read it, we act as if it does not apply to us.

  • In the book of James chapter one, James is teaching us that when we pray and ask for something, he says we must ask in faith. It must only be with faith when we ask Him – no wavering, no hesitation, no doubting. For the one who wavers, who doubts, who doesn’t expect is like a billowing out of the sea that has blown hither and thither and tossed by the wind.

  • We want to believe in the positive. We want to believe that God will bless us. We want to believe wholeheartedly but we skip over the part that says if we’re not steadfast and unmoveable, then half of us think God is incapable.

  • When we don’t believe and expect wholeheartedly, then we sabotage ourselves.

There’s a difference between having a wish and having a word.

  • When God speaks a word, it’s beyond a wish.

  • When He declares His word over our lives, we can stand on His word.

  • Look at your name and say, “I got a word. I’m not here without a word.”

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