Expecting | Pastor Tim English

Expecting | Pastor Tim English

12 October 2022

It is important to lay the groundwork and establish our expectations.

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We often ask God for things but we never expect Him to do it.

  • We don’t expect God to do anything so we’re not chasing after what we are looking for.

  • Don’t we ever get disappointed when our expectations are at a certain level, but the person never delivers? Even if we were often let down, we must not let this interfere with our faith and trust in God.

  • In the Bible, David encouraged himself that there is something important and necessary about the things we tell ourselves.

  • Even when friends and family try to discourage us by telling us to manage our expectations, it is important to not listen to these things and believe that God can do anything.

  • When Jesus touches his disciples and ministerial team, His touch is full of expectation. His touch is a touch of faith that draws something out of them.

  • We should expect Him to hear our prayers. We should expect Him to work His miracles. We should expect Him to move on our behalf. We should expect him to rebuke the devil especially when we can’t rebuke the devil ourselves.

  • Let us move our beliefs to another level. We should not just believe, but we should also expect. Trust that God will live up to your expectations and He will not disappoint. As a matter of fact, He will exceed.

  • Ask yourself this: Do you expect God to fix your finances, heal your relationships, and heal your body?

  • Aside from expecting God to fulfill His promise to us, it is important to understand that there are right and wrong expectations.

  • Base the strength of your expectation on who it is that you’re expecting it from. The strength of your expectation is tied to who you’re expecting it from.

  • God will not disappoint because God controls everything: time, elements, and all aspects of life. He is more than capable of exceeding our expectations.

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