I Won’t Complain! | Bishop Charles Brantley

I Won’t Complain! | Bishop Charles Brantley

12 October 2022

Our situation doesn’t dictate our worship.

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God is the greatest power that will never be defeated.

  • One of the tricks of the enemy is to get you out of your position to receive God because he knows that when you are a believer of God and you’ve given your life to God his job is to get you so confused. No matter how bad it is, don’t complain.

  • When we complain we are telling God I’m not believing you, I’m believing my circumstances.

  • When we start complaining we are not doing God’s will, we are doing our will because I’m caught up with my own mentality.

  • The enemy will fulfill you and put you in a place of spiritual dementia. He won’t want you to remember what God did yesterday.

  • Don’t open your mouth against God, don’t be a witness when the devil has his court.

  • You cannot be beamed up when your mind frame is in the wrong place.

  • The devil’s job is to get you confused about your relationship with God. He doesn’t want you to use your lips to praise God. He wants you to use your lips to complain.

  • When we use our tongue to lift up our complaints versus lifting up God, we are out of God’s will.

Give God praise.

  • Praise is when you see happens, worship is it doesn’t matter what happens I still give God praise.

  • The enemy loves for you to complain where you are because he doesn’t want you to start professing where you’re going.

  • Be in such a mind frame with God that nothing moves us from the grace of God.

  • When we murmur, we delay our blessing. When you keep talking about what’s happening instead of what’s going to happen, you delay your blessing because you’re taking your mouth and instead of praising God you are damning God.

  • When you and I learn to give God worship and praise and not murmur, suddenly there’s gonna be a blessing.

  • When we learn not to complain, God stops working on your foundation so when the devil wants to put you in prison there’s no foundation to put you in.

  • The devil is a liar, do not contaminate your praise.

  • When we murmur and complain we get ourselves out of the shadow of God, and we put ourselves in the shadow of the enemy.

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