You Ain’t Dead Yet! | Pastor Tim English

You Ain’t Dead Yet! | Pastor Tim English

12 September 2022

If we are with God in His death then we’ll be with Him in His life.

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Understanding his plans and purposes for our lives

  • It is important that we as God’s people, need to have an answer to our world’s questions.

  • Always bearing about the body, the dying Jesus Christ that the life also of Jesus Christ might be made manifest in our body.

  • We find the answers to today’s problems in today’s world within the word of God.

  • We too should walk habitually in the newness of life for if we become with Him in the likeness of his death we will also certainly be one with Him in the likeness of His resurrection.

  • If we have become one with him in the likeness of his death then surely we will be one with Him in His resurrection.

Process of Newness

  • God was obedient unto death even the death of the cross.

  • There’s some stuff in you that needs to die before it gets resurrected.

  • If you’re willing to obey God, that’s when you see the miraculous.

  • If you’re willing to allow God to put you through the death process, while you’re going through it, resurrection is already in process.

  • The very death that happens to us, the same way that we die to our flesh, die to our desires, to the good thing, and to the bad thing, and die to the good people, if we’re completely dead God says, that’s when resurrection can really take place.

  • The God that we serve is greater than anything else. This God wants to ordain for us a process whereby we die so that he can resurrect us to the newness of life. So there are deeds we must mortify, there are deeds that we must crucify.

  • Maybe the reason God allows you to go through some of the suffering and some of the things you’re going through. Maybe he’s trying to teach you obedience. Because obedience is learned.

  • In order to get newness in life we have to go through the process.

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