Stay In Alignment | Pastor Tim English

Stay In Alignment | Pastor Tim English

13 December 2022

When God commands a blessing, no devil in hell can stop him.

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I wanna be what God wants me to be.

  • It is God’s desire for us to go from glory to glory. It is not, it’s never been God’s will for us to reach a certain plateau and to stay there.

  • It’s not a competition, this race that we run is really not a competition against each other but rather it’s the zeal to do all that God has called us to do.

  • It would be a tragedy to live our life outside of the will of God and never accomplish and never achieve and never become what he wants us to become to accomplish to achieve.

  • He doesn’t want us to be the same today as we were yesterday, at some point there ought to be some growth, some maturing, coming up and moving up from one level to the next.

  • God never intends for us to change who he made us to be in order to be in unity. God intends for us to be who he called us to be and become the best me that we can be.

Unity means alignment.

  • To be in unity is to be in alignment, to be where you’re supposed to be, to be in your place, to be in the proper alignment.

  • When we are in unity and alignment, there is a flow of the oil that will come down and when you’re in alignment the oil that flows from the top will touch whatever is in alignment.

  • There are things that’ll come up in our life, in our situation that if we’re not careful will cause us to be shifted from our place to be moved from our unity and if we’re not careful the oil will flow and because we’re out of alignment we’ll miss the flow of God.

  • The enemy always makes sure that there’s somebody that’s going to come along and tell you what you’re not doing right.

  • Stay in alignment. Don’t allow any voice, any naysayer, any boat sitting person who’s not willing to jump out on the water with you, don’t you allow them to talk you out of your miracle.

  • There’s always somebody that wants to quench your spirit, tell you to hold it down. Don’t let anybody or anything talk you out of whatever God has.

  • Stay in alignment. Don’t let anybody talk you out of your blessing, don’t let anybody move you from your place.

  • To be in alignment, you have to go through some stuff, willing to let go of some stuff, willing to take the low road, gotta be wrong even though you’re right, you gotta bite your tongue.

  • Be in alignment with me, I don’t need you to be me, you don’t need me to be you, but we need to be in alignment with each other. We need to be in our place so that God can move through us like he desires.

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