Yeah, But! | Pastor Tim English @ Bronx Christian Fellowship

Yeah, But! | Pastor Tim English @ Bronx Christian Fellowship

7 April 2022

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The word of our God stands

  • When God’s will, one of the things he declares is his will for us is to figure out how to find something to give thanks for no matter where we find ourselves.

  • You have to realize that there is a kernel of something in every situation that you can find a reason to give God praise.

  • You’ll find buried sometimes it’s concealed, but inside of every adversity, you’ll find something to give God praise.

  • You have adversity because God allows trouble to come for you to understand that this will help you.

  • He’s trying to teach us something.

  • He wants you to have success continually, but he wants you to recognize you can’t sustain success on your own because you’ll be blindsided. So there’ll be some stuff that’s going to come on you./li>

The power of God

  • God wants us to realize that the power is in Him and not in us.

  • There’s some stuff we can’t figure out, but not in despair. It isn’t like we don’t know where our answer will come from, and we might be perplexed now.

  • You get to see the reason even when things are impossible.

  • Don’t let your heart be troubled, don’t let your heart be so overwhelmed by whatever you’re going through. Don’t let it take you out of the will of God.

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