Compassion: Back To Basics | Rev. Dr. Que English

Compassion: Back To Basics | Rev. Dr. Que English

7 April 2022

Compassion is an action word..

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He always deserves our worship

  • God wants us to move from this place of just feeling sorry for people and embracing that empathy that will create a pathway to compassion because where we want to end is at that compassion space.

  • Compassion is an action word, empathy is a feeling, but compassion is an action word. See compassion is the action as a result of empathy compassion is the action as a result of empathy.

  • God created it so that you start thinking differently, and the judgment and the stigma that comes with people that can hear or can’t see, there’s a label beyond that stigma.

  • We have to restore compassion in the body of Christ because these couple of years have drawn us into these bubbles, and we’re fighting, and we’re struggling just for ourselves. Open up again to show compassion. /li>

  • We have to restore just being kind with the words of our mouth without actions.

  • Empathy is an understanding of our shared humanity. The ability to see yourself in another person’s shoes and compassion adds another dimension to a desire to help.

When there’s repentance there’s also forgiveness

  • Some people may never come to you to ask for forgiveness is not necessarily a response to them. It’s a response to God because they may not go, but you have to be accountable here.

  • Forgiving means you don’t allow that to affect your spirit any longer and create poison in your emotions and soul in your psyche.

  • God moves us from sympathy and empathy to compassion, which are those things in action.

  • We’re going to embrace a sensitivity to the other and not judge, but we’re going to be quick to love.

  • God shows us the opportunities to pour out because the more we pour out in the positive sense, the more we address the negatives in our lives.

  • God has the power to forgive and the power to love, and the ability to overcome to embrace the true love that we can’t ignore without love.

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