Resurrection Sunday Service @ Bronx Christian Fellowship

Resurrection Sunday Service @ Bronx Christian Fellowship

30 May 2022

Let Him take you where he wants to take you...

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In the midst of all our storms, all our struggles and trials and things, we know that God is still firmly seated on the throne.

  • For we have not deserved your goodness God, you’ve been so good.

  • The word of God stands forever.

  • We’re not alone in our struggle.

  • If you got this resurrected spirit inside you, you could look at every dead situation.

  • Stop allowing people to drag you back into the old where you used to be.

  • The issues you’re facing are not permanent, but the enemy will make you think so and you have to wait for a day of resurrection to come.

  • What you pursue changes what you go after.

  • Don’t go after the temporary things. Don’t go after the things that the world seeks after, but rather He says to go after the stuff that’s above the seated with Christ where he is going after the things that are higher than where you are.

Let God take you where He wants to take you.

  • Don’t join the wrong party because after you get up, there ought to be a party, not the party that celebrates your down but the party that celebrates you’re getting up.

  • God wants to pull you into another dimension to a place where you can’t go back to where you used to be.

  • God wants you to show up out of nowhere and change the atmosphere because you have arrived with a resurrection inside of you.

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