God Hears You | Pastor Tim English @ Bronx Christian Fellowship

God Hears You | Pastor Tim English @ Bronx Christian Fellowship

3 June 2022

God is Listening...

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God Hears Everything

  • God is everywhere. Sometimes we forget that God is here and he’s listening to us. Occasionally, we act like God can’t hear what we are saying, but God hears everything.

  • Better be careful what you say because God is listening.

  • Watch what you say because God is listening, and he has decided to obey what you say.

  • God wants us to trust him in what he’s doing for us.

  • God said I’m going to bless you beyond your wildest imagination, but you may have to go through some stuff on the way there.

  • He is listening to the words we say and the thoughts that we think.

  • We put on the appearance that we’ve been good with God as if he has not heard our thoughts. The bible says he knows our thoughts before we think them and understand how God looks at us because we are good at putting on a show.

  • Don’t allow circumstances to cause you to rail against God, and don’t allow the conditions you’re facing to cause you to be anti-god.

God is Up To Something.

  • You need to learn how to spin your circumstance and what you want to be able to say to yourself even if you have this issue, yet God is greater.

  • You better stop waiting for somebody else to encourage you, but you better learn how to motivate yourself, and it begins with how you spin what you’re going through.

  • God’s love doesn’t change based on the decisions that we make.

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