You Win l Pastor Tim English @ Bronx Christian Fellowship

You Win l Pastor Tim English @ Bronx Christian Fellowship

31 August 2022

God said, in the end, you will win!

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Whatever Fight You’re in, in the end, You Win!

  • Whatever you might be fighting for your family, finances, health, or whatever fight you’re in, God said, in the end, you will win.

  • “Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses” – Timothy 6:12

  • There is no defeat in God’s plan for us.

  • To fight a compelling fight, we must be willing to do what it takes to win.

  • Let’s not just be hearers but be doers.

  • God is with you to guide your warfare.

  • He can take you places. Indeed, don’t wait for other people to validate God’s call on your life.

  • You better learn how to encourage yourself and know how to stand and wage your warfare yourself.

  • We can’t allow the enemy within to destroy us from within.

God is Faithful

  • Fight by yourself. Believe in God for yourself.

  • If you don’t prophesy over yourself, you won’t wage effective warfare.

  • God is faithful, and unquestionably that’s the anchor for our warfare.

  • Take the tremendous pain of faith, fight the good fight, don’t throw in the towel, give up, quit, and don’t matter. Clearly, it doesn’t matter if you have to fight by yourself and also it doesn’t matter if you’re on your stand there.

  • Whatever fight you’re in, you’re going to win.

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