Don’t Let Anyone Talk You Out Of Your Breakthrough | Pastor Tim English @ Bronx Christian Fellowship

Don’t Let Anyone Talk You Out Of Your Breakthrough | Pastor Tim English @ Bronx Christian Fellowship

7 September 2022

If God is before us, who can be against us?

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You’re on the verge. It’s about to happen.

  • Don’t put a lid on your dream because it’s bigger than anything you’ve ever seen.

  • If somebody in your life doesn’t believe what God is telling you, it doesn’t mean God’s word is null and void.

  • You’ve been waiting a long time, you’ve been praying, you’ve been trusting God, and you’re like, when and now, right at the brink of it, here comes the naysayers, the one who knows best to tell you what you shouldn’t do and what you shouldn’t think and where you shouldn’t go.

  • Be careful who you share your dream with; otherwise, they’ll talk you out of it.

  • Don’t let people talk you out of your breakthrough cause they’ll still try to reason with you. They’ll try to make sense that they’ll help you make sense of what God is trying to do with you.

  • Our dream is not dependent on other people’s beliefs.

  • Sometimes what God wants to do in us defies the logic of the people around us. How many miracles have we missed out on because the folk around us tell us what they think about what God wants to do with us?

Nothing can stand in the way of what God wants to do in your life.

  • You want to hold on to stuff dragging you down and people that don’t mean you any good right because they make you feel comfortable, but you must recognize there’s some folk that can’t go with you into this next dimension of your life.

  • You need to understand that what God has for you is far more important than maintaining a relationship with toxic relationships.

  • You better believe for yourself, don’t wait for your posse to join you, and be discretionary; you need to be careful who you let speak to you, who you let talk into your ear, and who you take note of what they’re saying.

  • Their unbelief does not cause God to change His mind.

  • Some folk in your life will convince you that you’re not good enough for what God has for you, including you. Sometimes, you’ll see yourself as unworthy of what God has more for you.

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