I’m Empowered For Change | Bishop Darren Jenkins

I'm Empowered For Change | Bishop Darren Jenkins

9 September 2022

God has a way of setting you up for your blessing.

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The self-change.

  • God was training you how to create something out of nothing.

  • When you can’t see what God is working on, and some of us have a hard time moving and doing without knowing, but when you give your life to God, your decisions and your purpose are wrapped up in Him.

  • When you are called according to God’s purpose, you no longer live your life according to yours.

  • The purpose of why Jesus came to die for us is He died so that we might be free from sin.

  • Jesus didn’t just die for you to go to heaven; He died so that you can have heaven on earth.

  • You can live righteously here on earth and be empowered for change. That’s what self-change is about, not you changing yourself but understanding that self-change starts with allowing and receiving the power of the Holy Ghost.

  • Everything about who you are should be purposed in Christ.

The Global Change.

(The people outside your community, inside your community, outside of your family, and the outside of your circle).

  • For God so loved the world that He didn’t just love you and the person that was on crack because they were in trouble, but God loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever shall believe on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

  • God sent Jesus to die for us to free us from sin, not just have everlasting life but be free from the bondage of sin.

  • Be willing to witness to somebody and be a believer and understand that there are so many other unbelievers that you know that need to be where you are.

  • Some people have made Satan their God, and their minds are blinded. Therefore, as a people of God, who is the image of God, we shall shine on them.

The Relationship Change.

  • How can you say you love God when the relationship between you and your neighbor who needs you to be a light, but you are too busy doing you and too busy with an attitude.

  • Love is more powerful than you because if we don’t love, how can we say we love Him.

  • Let the love that God has for you to see and fulfill the will that God has for your life.

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