I’m A Witness! | Pastor Tim English

I’m A Witness! | Pastor Tim English

12 September 2022

You don’t have to wait for circumstances to be correct for it to come on you.

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Be ready to answer anyone that asks you a reason for the hope in you, and say, “I’m a witness!”

  • God would protect and cover His people, and he would work with His people through storms, battles, and haters. God was taking care of them.

  • God is always protecting us and covering us to take care of his people, even when it looks like he wasn’t doing it, but God has been with you even in your crazy days.

  • We can stand protected against all adversity.

  • The thing you need will not come from the outside; it’ll come from the inside. So God is showing us the shift from external stimulation to internal.

  • The enemy can mess around with external stuff. All of you will talk back to me, but enemies can’t control what’s inside of me.

  • When you’re good on the inside, when adversity is staring you in the face, roll up on them and smile because the inside is cool. I’m a witness!

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