Don’t Give Up! | Pastor Tim English @ Bronx Christian Fellowship

Don’t Give Up! | Pastor Tim English @ Bronx Christian Fellowship

24 March 2022

Your miracle is standing in front of you

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Don’t be weary

  • The scriptural instruction says to us that we have a choice, that we can choose to give up. We can choose to allow ourselves to become weary to the point that we paint that we throw in the towel.

  • He’s saying you will reap if you faint not. And so his word to us.

  • He says that the enemy would be wearying the saints will be causing us to become weary. So God’s word for today is don’t give up.

  • To faint is to give out, to give up, or to give in. To throw in the towel to say, enough is enough.

  • Don’t allow all that’s happening to cause you to become weary, to the point that you faint.

  • Don’t let your possed, efforts, or the people around you to cause you to throw in the towel. Obviously, you know what God put in your spirit.

  • Don’t you dare put a time limit on how long you think God should take to come to your rescue.

God has more for you where you are right now, so don’t give up!

  • You were not created to be controlled by the issue that seems to be controlling you.

  • Don’t let anything get in the way of you achieving what it is that you need for God to do in your life.

  • Remember everything that God has provided for you and you will not let go, you will not give up, and you will not allow yourself to grow weary to the point where you faint and lose out on what you need from God.

  • You are right at the cusp of your miracle.

  • You have come to the moment when your miracle shall be manifested because you did not give up.

  • You are right now at the brink of this release of the miracle of God.

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