The Overwhelmed Heart | Pastor Tim English

The Overwhelmed Heart | Pastor Tim English

13 January 2023

God is sovereign. God rules over our lives.

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When your heart is overwhelmed, cry to God.

  • There is something in our human spirit that allows us to push past obstacles and to keep going against all odds.

  • The challenge in every obstacle is when we don’t know when it’s going to end but for as long as you can endure it, there is an end.

  • The same God that brought me through that is the same God that’s gonna bring me through this because if He was going to abandon me He could have done it then.

  • When he allows the clouds and he allows the storms to come He wants us then to seek forth a purpose for which he has allowed it.

  • The glory that’s about to be through us is nothing compared to the hell we’ve had to go through.

  • If there is no joy on the other side, the fight is not worth it. The fight is worth it because on the other side it’s gonna be alright.

  • You have to be careful that you don’t form a pity party where you comfort each other in misery as opposed to crying to him who can deliver.

  • There’s something about us humans that we always want to point the finger at who’s to blame for this and when we can’t blame each other then we’ll start to blame God.

  • It’s challenging to trust the one we blame. If you blame God or accuse Him, you can’t trust Him.

If God is for me, who can be against me.

  • God is trying to get us to the place where we trust Him and learn to accept what God allows.

  • Whatever you’re facing, however hard it may seem to be, when our hearts are overwhelmed there’s a rock that’s higher than we are. There’s a place that we can go and in that place He becomes our strength.

  • When you can’t do anything about something worrying doesn’t make it better, fretting doesn’t fix it, pacing the floor doesn’t change it.

  • We cry out to God when you say to Him out loud what you say to yourself inside.

  • If you have situations in your life that cause your heart to be overwhelmed, take a moment and cry out to God.

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