The Power Of Fervency | Pastor Tim English

The Power Of Fervency | Pastor Tim English

3 January 2023

Everytime you pray don’t be half-hearted, it’s better to not do it.

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Be fervent in your prayer.

  • The effectual fervent prayer of righteousness avails much. If you want to have prayers that avail, then you must have fervency.

  • We have allowed the systems of the world to come into the church where we don’t persevere for nothing.

  • We got stuff going on in our lives. How can we be lackadaisical in our pursuit of God?

  • We shouldn’t come in here to worship God and have somebody convince us to lift our hands.

  • When God answers your prayer you ought to give him fervent worship.

  • Don’t be quiet with your worship, don’t be quiet with your praise.

  • The volume has nothing to do with it, it’s the intensity of what’s behind the volume. You can be fervent with a whisper and you could be screaming and saying nothing.

  • Give God fervent worship.

  • Maybe you don’t have enough giants in your life to make you want to pray fervently.

  • The issue is not with God. It’s not that he lacks power to do what we need him to do and to respond, it’s not with God and it’s not that he’s distracted and he’s somewhere else. That’s why we have to be fervent because He’s looking to see who he can show himself strong on behalf of.

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